Family Promise Making a Difference

Family Promise Making a Difference

Family Promise of Gallatin Valley is an affiliate of a national Interfaith Hospitality Network program. Check out how the Family Promise organization is changing lives at our 161 affiliates around the nation! Here is the data collected from all of the affiliates from 2010-we are included in this data!

2010 Program Services Report

(January 1, 2010 – December 31, 2010)



Number of Family Promise Affiliates 161

Individuals served (guests) 11,763

Families served 3,605

Number of children 6,732

Percent of total who are children 57.2

Number of children age 5 and under 3,102

Percent of total children age 5 and under 46.1%

Average length of stay (days) 65


Housing Status at Exit

Percent of families securing permanent housing 60.2%

Percent of families securing transitional housing 16.4%


Family Composition

Two-Parent Families 26.3%

Female Headed Single Parent Families 61.9%

Male Headed Single Parent Families 5.1%

Other Family Composition 4.1%


Racial Background

African-American 38.6%

Asian 0.8%

Caucasian 36.2%

Latino 9.7%

Native American 2.2%

Other 4.9%


Individuals served, other than as guests,

who received some form of assistance 37,770

Total individuals served 49,533