After an initial screening via telephone, interested families who meet Family Promise criteria are invited to an intake interview with the Family Case Manager.  At this interview, the FCM will get a complete family history including, but not limited to:

  • Names and ages of all members of the family
  • Reason for homelessness
  • Work, housing and financial history
  • Mental and physical health
  • Drug and alcohol history
  • Criminal background check

In addition, the Family Case Manager will review the Guest Agreement which outlines expectations for Family Promise participants.  Families who participate in the program must agree to:

  • Participate in active case management
  • Remain drug & alcohol free and refrain from smoking in the Churches
  • Attend all classes suggested by the Family Case Manager
  • Be at the Host Congregation by 6:00 pm unless working or otherwise authorized and be out of the Church by 7:30 am
  • Treat staff, volunteers, and other guests with respect

If the family meets all of the requirements, understands and agrees to participate fully in all case management, self-sufficiency, and life skills classes, they may be invited to join the Family Promise program.  Once invited into the program, there is typically a 24-hour waiting period for the Churches to prepare for new families, although arrangements for alternate accommodations can often be made.

If you feel this program is right for you, please contact the Family Case Manager, Michelle Simpson, at 406-582-7388 ext. 304 or by email at

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