Julie, a past guest submitted this Letter to the Editor that was published this week in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle. Please take a moment to learn about how Family Promise changed her family’s life.

February 23, 2012

My family are recent transplants to Montana. We left a part of the country that was going downhill very quickly. It was our dream to live in Montana, for the beauty of it. We came here with absolutely nothing but our clothes and our truck packed with a few personal belongings.

We met a lady in Livingston who took us to Bozeman to meet with Kacie Grue. Kacie works for Family Promise. This organization took us in, took care of us until we got on our feet, and still checks on us. We owe Kacie, Gloria Edwards and Bridget Pitman our happiness. We never expected or even realized people like them existed. They are the angels we were missing in our lives. Because of them, we are “living our dream.” Also, volunteers Larry King and Kelsey Jackson. They are still part of our lives and hope they will be forever.

If you are looking for a program to help, look at Family Promise. They certainly deserve the credit for what they do. Their website is www.familypromisegv.org. These are the most generous, heart-warming people we have ever met. They are genuine and believe in the good in everyone they meet. Thank you Kacie, Gloria, and Bridget for everything. We love you!
Julie Morman