This spring, we decided it was high time to make some improvements to our backyard playhouse. At first, we noticed some serious paint peeling on the roof and on the side bench area. Upon farther inspection, we saw that pretty much all of the paint was peeling from every horizontal surface…yikes!

We set to work, starting with a wonderful group from E-Free that began with sanding down as many peeling surfaces as possible.

Next, Christine and volunteer Debi set out to finish the job. After 3 weeks of sanding, cleaning, taping, and painting, the project is finished!

We’re so excited to have a fun, welcoming space for children to play… that’s safer to boot! We’re also digging the bright and cheerful color palette!

Many thanks to our volunteers from E-Free for spending an evening kickstarting the project, and to Debi for her dedication to completing the project. We are truly grateful to these volunteers. We couldn’t make it happen without their help!