This weekend our staff, the executive directors of both Helena and Billings Family Promise affiliates and a past family loaded a black Suburban and headed to Salt Lake City.

We arrived in Salt Lake City to a hotel filled with the kindest people that have walked the earth. People whose life mission includes putting themselves out of business by striving to end homelessness, one family at a time.

We were honored this year to take a family down to the conference to tell their story to hundreds of affiliates. Our past guest did an incredible job and she inspired us all to keep moving forward!

Every year and a half, all the Family Promise affiliates from around the United States join together to “refill” their tanks at our national conference. We gather to support each other, share ideas and learn new tools for success.

Reflecting on this Monday morning I am reminded of a few things from our recent conference:

  • That what we do as staff, volunteers and a community to support our local homeless families is being done across the nation. Over 135,000 volunteers are joining together to end homelessness!
  • We ARE changing lives and making an incredible impact across the country.
  • Just when you feel like you are getting the “hang” of working for Family Promise you swiftly realize that there is always so MUCH to learn about how to serve our families and volunteers better!

We are glad to be home but thankful for such a great experience. Our staff is excited to put into motion all the tools we have learned this weekend!